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To be fair and transparent in all we do. To continually provide support, resources and a strong community to our fellow virtual assistants. To help women do more of what makes them happy and grow both personally and professionally.


To empower people to live a life that is rewarding and fun.

After an exciting career with the Cleveland Indians and the birth of her daughter in 1997, Laura’s focused changed from her career to motherhood. In an effort to keep her skills sharp and schedule flexible, Laura started working from home as a Virtual Assistant in the financial industry catering to wholesalers and financial advisors. In 2015 and 3 kids later, EVA was born. What started as a virtual assistant company has grown into a full service agency offering a wide range of services and catering to a variety of industries. Laura’s vision for the future is to share the virtual experience with those who desire to work in this space and support them so they can be successful and enjoy the life they deserve.


  • Put the virtual assistant in the center of all we do.
  • Provide resources for virtual assistants to expand their skills and knowledge.
  • Provide support for virtual assistants to achieve their dreams.
  • Provide a community for virtual assistants to share, collaborate and grow.
  • Listen more, talk less
  • Communicate often
  • Never stop learning
  • Be an inspiration

Being a virtual assistant has been one of the greatest career choices I made more than 20 years ago. I did it for my family, some do it to save their sanity…the reason doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you can have the life you want, but it’s not as easy (or as hard) as some people make it out to be-it’s what you make it.  Like anything else it takes hard work and dedication to understand the virtual space and what it takes to do it and keep it going. That’s the reason we created this site…to guide you where you need it, to support you when you need it, and to celebrate with you when you make it!

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Laura Licursi Elite VA Hub Owner/Founder
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