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Whether you’re just starting out as a Virtual Assistant or you’ve been at it for a while now, there’s never a shortage of advice or tips that might be the little nugget you were looking for. Sometimes it’s a certain word or phrase that resonates and gives us that boost we need.

Read on to see what our VA’s from EVA had to offer as their best tips for anyone looking for success as a virtual assistant.

Kimberly Smith

“Staying organized has been a huge help! But, communication is key. It is so easy for communication to be lost because of the virtual nature of the work, but communication with the clients provides a strong base for everyone to grow from.”

Crissy Conner

“If you are looking to be a VA, my #1 recommendation is to learn everything you can. Sign up for free trials on popular programs, and play around with them, learn the ins and outs or better yet set the systems up for yourself and potential clients. Hands-on learning is the best way to learn how to grow in this business. And just because you get a few clients, doesn’t mean the learning is done, keep striving to be better than you were yesterday and learn something new every day!”

Emily Olsen

“I recommend that virtual assistants feel comfortable asking questions, take detailed notes, be proactive, and make certain to understand their clients’ preferred methods of communication. It’s important to fully grasp the project specifications in order to deliver a finished product that surpasses the clients’ expectations.”

Jessica McGillivary

“Do what Makes You Happy.” As the placement Specialist here at EVA, I speak with hundreds of Virtual Assistants deep in their career or just starting out. Success comes when the VA stops trying to fit into the job description and instead creates their own job description based around what they are truly passionate about.”


  • Be kind and true to the work that makes you happy!
  • Create your own dream job description/ dream client for yourself before reaching out to a job posting or a potential client. Keep this description with you while looking for clients or projects. If the job/client does not match pass it by. It is ok to choose your clients and stay true to what you are truly passionate about.  
  • Choose your clients. It is ok to say no to a job that is not the right fit
  • Always know your “WHY”

If you are doing work that is fulfilling and makes you happy with people you like and trust then everyone wins! Successful projects + Happy VA’s = Happy Clients + repeat!

Chiquita Jones

“If you are looking to be a VA excellent time management skills are critical.  You have to be able to estimate how long it will take you to get something done and how much time you have available to complete your work so that you are fulfilling your clients’ needs. Your time is your money and you have to know how to maximize both.”

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