The Critical Importance of Good Grammar

The Critical Importance of Good Grammar

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For any business, good grammar and accurate punctuation is critically important to how you are viewed in the public eye. 

Here’s why.

  1. No matter what you do or how you do it, you need to present a professional, educated image to your prospects and clients. When your blog or social media post is full of mis-spellings or missing punctuation, you appear to others to be either careless or ignorant – neither of which, of course, is good for business! Neither may be true, but you wouldn’t want a prospect to believe you are careless based on your online presence. You want your clients and prospects to trust in your skills, your intention, and your ability to fulfill your promises.
  2. When you write poorly, your meaning can be lost. I have read items with little (or mistaken) punctuation. I’ve read articles in which an incorrect word with different meaning was mistakenly used for the correct word, and found myself wondering what the writer was trying to convey. If your meaning is not clear, your reader will quickly give up and move on, and will judge that you are not as capable as you really are.

Don’t dismiss proper writing etiquette as unimportant. Use spellcheckers, human proofreaders, and Grammarly or other similar apps. (Cautionary word about spellcheckers: they are far from perfect. A professional human is always the best resource to verify the accuracy of any writing.)

Be careful with everything you create! From memes to articles to books, be sure that what you present is accurate and that your meaning is clear. This will allow you to present as positive and authentic an image as you can.

Holly Matson is an experienced business communications expert, providing expert services such as editing and proofreading, document creation, and client communications, including text-to-video. Her specialty is working with businesses whose intent is to teach and inspire others. In her non-working time, Holly enjoys studying holistic health and spirituality, and is an avid nature lover. Thanks for the great info Holly!


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